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We are one of the longest running gearbox repair shops in Durban. The fact that we have maintained clients for over two decades is a testament to the quality of service we provide.

We are committed to satisfying our clients.

Our technicians use technologically advanced repair equipment and top quality parts. Our experience is vast and the work done is backed up by our warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

So we would be happy to give you a test drive as well as an estimate.

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Service Warranty

The warranty on a fully reconditioned gearbox is six months with unlimited mileage. We provide free Diagnostic Analysis so you can be sure that your diagnosis is accurate. You will also receive same day service on certain repairs.

Ignoring signs of a possible gearbox problem may cost you more down the road.

Some Signs To Look For:

  • Seeing fluid on the ground where you last parked your vehicle.
  • If the gears are slipping.
  • If you see the RPMs on your engine going higher than normal.
  • If the shifting from one gear to the next is taking longer or getting harder.
  • Strange noises or vibrations.
  • The colour of your gearbox fluid is now brown or dark in colour.
  • If your gearbox fluid has a burnt smell.

These can all be signs of a gearbox problem but you do not have to wait until you have a problem. Having your vehicle checked and serviced at recommended intervals will prolong the life of the gearbox.

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